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אוקטובר 3, 2007

Firesteed Pinot Noir 2005

This Oregon pinot has a light, semi-transparent red color, the interesting nose is a mixture of red fruit, lemon peel, and earthy, mushroomy, 'forest floor' aromas. The light to medium body is quite high on acidity, with gentle fruit and mild tannins, to a quite long and acid finish.

Nice, interesting and somewhat complex on the nose, but on the palate I found it lacking balance, specifically the combination of relatively light body with the high acidity.

Firesteed Pinot Noir, Oregon

Matua Valley Pinot Noir 2006

This New Zealand pinot has the same typical color as the previous wine, also begins with red fruit on the nose but continues to a rather more fruity character, with something syrupy that may resemble cherries. Light to medium body with sweet fruit and light acidity, medium finish combining delicate acidity and nice fruit.

Surely more to the fruity side compared to the previous pinot, this wine was more pleasant to my taste although probably not as interesting.

Matua Valley Pinot Noir, Marlborough, New Zealand

TerraMater Merlot Reserve 2005

Opaque and dark towards purple-red on the rim, interesting nose with typical merlot jammy forest fruit, vanilla and hints of choclate and tar. Medium to full bodied with generous and ripe fruit, integrated with light tannins and some spices that emerge towards the finish, which is long and lightly acidic.

Very nice, good use of oak to increase complexity and interest without overtaking anything or damaging the balance, while maintaining nice varietal character.

TerraMatter Merlot Reserve

3 תגובות

  1. תגיד, מה קורה פה? אתה שותה יותר מידי ניו-זילנדיים בזמן האחרון…
    אם התחיל איזה יבוא מחתרתי לארץ, אתה חייב לחשוף את המקור…

  2. יש יבוא מצויין לארץ של חברת מרש:

    אבל הסיבה ששתיתי ניו זילנדיים היא אותה סיבה ששני הפוסטים האחרונים נכתבו באנגלית – זה פשוט קרה בלונדון…

  3. […] סיום בינוני עם טעמי קליה. חביב ונעים (60), מזכיר במשהו את Firesteed מאורגון, אם כי יותר פירותי ונגיש […]

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